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PIZZA ANY PLACELACE is the first pizzeria itinerant independent and thanks to the rechargeable battery does not require use of tables for preparation or service.
It is all set up internally!
Can be powered by muted generator or directly connected to the mains.

The idea comes from the creativity of a Italian manufacturer of professional ovens "Forni Dorigo" and the experience in the world of " street food " of a British company Universepizza Ltd.
Forni Dorigo is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of professional ovens.
It offers a range of over 180 combinations of stone ovens including wood, gas, mixed with fixed and rotary stone clay surface.
It designed and built two special ovens to be included exclusively on Ape Piaggio.
Universepizza ltd is specialized in " streetfood " and produced the first pizza snack wagon in 2001 and has designed some trailers with single piece surface.
Today we present the first pizzeria traveling mounted on a Piaggio Ape.


UK : +44 7454899612

IT : +39 3939258726